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NextGenMinipreneurswebsitelogoThe Entrepreneurial Engine life skills form the foundation of Next Gen’s entrepreneurial program. Using the Entrepreneurial Engine, we have hand-crafted activities that will augment and complement the curriculum standards taught in schools. Our program activities include:

  • brainstorming and other interactive and collaborative techniques to assist children in creating their own ideas and developing leadership skills;
  • roleplaying to unbridle their innovative talents, open them to accept diverse perspectives and help them understand business ethics, cooperation and team values;
  • movement to free their creative and innovative natural abilities and to feel comfortable in taking the entrepreneurial brainstorming sessioninitiative;
  • familiar games modified to further their understanding of the different aspects of entrepreneurship while making learning fun;
  • strategic storytelling to familiarize them with the rewarding field of entrepreneurship, its connection to good social citizenship and to globalization, while acquainting them with the people on whose shoulders they will stand;
  • creative writing to help them organize their innovative ideas through the drafting of their own mission statements or slogans and pitches;
  • team and group decision-making to further the concepts that two minds working together are an inspiration to each other, and that it is okay to fail, since failure is a natural part of the entrepreneurial process; and
  • videotaping of a pitch they produced to attract start-up capital and investment in their business while enhancing self-esteem and developing public speaking skills.

Next Gen’s minipreneur programs are rich and multifaceted. We hand-crafted the programs’ activities to provide a step by step progression through the world of entreprenurship, ending with a businee/marketing plan and pitch to attract investors. On the way, we hope the activities will provide the tools and skills to help the children develop the audacity to dream big dreams, create their own path to the fulfillment of those dreams, and rejoice in their personal achievement. 

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  1. Thanks for visiting. We don’t have suggestions right now. However, a community forum may be forming in the DC area, by one of our student’s parents. If it gets off the ground, we will keep you posted.

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